1. thomasliveshere's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I received my first Apple Watch today, the Apple Watch Series 2; pretty excited!
    I have a few questions as I've never used an Apple Watch before:

    - In regards to the use of background app refresh on the watch, is it essential that I have it enabled? For example, if I turn off the background app refresh for weather, does that mean when I view the weather stats on my watch face that it'll be old info?

    Furthermore, if I turn off background app refresh for an app on my iPhone, does that also affect the same app on the watch? I'm a bit confused about the advantages and disadvantages of having background app refresh turned on or off, in general, and particularly on the apple watch.

    - How does the heart rate feature work? Is it constantly measuring my heart rate even when the app isn't open?

    Also, is there any tips or tricks that a new, first time Apple Watch owner should know or would benefit knowing?

    Any help/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
    09-16-2016 02:54 AM
  2. jimkraz's Avatar
    If background app refresh is on info will load much quicker, you have to remember the watch is to an extent a extension of your phone, so anything you turn off on your phone may affect the app on your watch, yes the heart rate app is checking your rate about every twenty minutes, I use built in app and HeartWatch, it's easy to find your info. I charge my watch nightly some wear it during sleep and charge for an hour while getting ready for work. Always put your watch on charging base when updating and have 50% charge.
    09-16-2016 05:35 AM

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