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  1. rudyalexc's Avatar
    My thinking as well. Can't wait to get mine!
    Stainless steel looks better but I'm always a function over form (while both are very important) type of person. My friend wanted a stainless steel, got an aluminum, and when it came time to upgrade to series 2 he went aluminum again. His words: "why should I pay extra for a finish on a piece of technology that does the same exact thing internally?"
    09-27-2016 01:11 PM
  2. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    Probably the Rose Gold with either a pink or white sport band
    09-27-2016 08:02 PM
  3. jjayr41's Avatar
    Went to bestbuy today to try on a 42 and 38mm Series 1 watch. Walked out with a Series 1 38mm black (or aluminum grey whatever they call it)...
    09-29-2016 09:23 PM
  4. Garz's Avatar
    Walked into apple an Store today and bought this Series 2. Screw waiting 3-4 weeks for ordering.
    Last edited by Garz; 09-29-2016 at 10:32 PM.
    09-29-2016 10:10 PM
  5. dstrauss's Avatar
    Series 1 Gray Sport with black band. Reasons:

    1. Only difference in processor between the two models is the GPS
    2. Never walk/jog without my phone for security/safety reasons (ten year heart attack survivor wants peace of mind)
    3. Don't swim for exercise
    4. My original sport gray had no trouble seeing it in the sun
    5. Still not enough of a form factor change to pull the trigger on the black stainless steel with link bracelet I REALLY WANT
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    09-29-2016 10:54 PM
  6. FaisDogg's Avatar
    Walked into apple an Store today and bought this Series 2. Screw waiting 3-4 weeks for ordering.
    I did the same
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    09-30-2016 08:30 AM
  7. afctee's Avatar
    Here we go...Series II, Stainless Steel Space Black

    What type of Apple Watch are you going to buy?-today.jpg
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    09-30-2016 11:26 AM
  8. Mac Guy's Avatar
    As it stands now, my next watch Watches will be a Nike+ because I like the extra watch faces, and a Series 1 because I already have a Series 2 and the GPS implementation isn't fully functional. Maybe that could change with an update.

    One of the Watches will be Space Gray (Nike+ probably) and the other will be Silver (Series 1 probably).

    That could change depending on what Apple might announce this fall. If I had it to do over again, I would get a Nike+ instead of a Series 2. Choice is good.
    07-13-2017 12:02 AM
  9. mmedez's Avatar
    Series 1 or Series 2 (doesn't matter), which one(s) do you have your eyes on? I'm torn between the Nike+ and regular black on black series 2.

    Post your picks here, screenshots welcome too!

    Attachment 111168Attachment 111169

    I bought a series 1 42mm space gray couple of weeks ago. The reason i chose it over series 2 is because the added features of series 2 is not something than can benefit me now. If you have the extra cash then go all out for a series 2 watch.

    Btw, Spigen rugged armor gave my watch some added coolness.
    07-13-2017 04:20 AM
  10. Jude526's Avatar
    I have the armory suit screen protector on mine. It covers the entire screen edge to edge and it is applied wet. I explained in another post is wet applied and should do at night so it can set. I am all thumbs and did a great job applying it myself. No issues with it. I have the series 1 in the rose gold and love it. I got mine new on ebay at a steal with extras as well. I don't need the GPS. If Apple were to make the watch as a standalone like Samsung has and it has its own number to use, but when rings it would be your phone's number, I would do it. As a standalone, would be a data plan and on contract. Can wear without your phone and I did like that when I had the Samsung with my Samsung phone. But I didn't need the series 2 as it is now. The series 1 is fine. Love it and the shape as well
    07-18-2017 08:07 PM
  11. Jude526's Avatar
    Armour suit+++. Lifetime warranty on the screen protector. Got it on ebay. It is on Amazon as well
    07-18-2017 08:07 PM
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