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    I leave my iPhone 5 on vibrate by mistake and miss calls. I don't want to be a disturbance in quiet places so I need to be able to use vibrate. Is there an app to display on the chronometer watch face that I forgot again to turn the vibrate off?

    Phone is classic iPhone 5 9MD664KK/A running iOS 8.4. Watch is MJ2Y2LL/A running 1.0 (12S507)
    03-23-2016 11:14 PM
  2. robertk328's Avatar
    Are you still missing calls even with the watch on? My phone is always on vibrate, and since wearing the Apple Watch I haven't missed any.

    I don't know of any compilations that show sound/vibrate on the phone, unfortunately. If there are specific locations you need to remind yourself, there's an IFTTT (now IF) recipe for that:

    03-24-2016 04:37 AM
  3. eyecrispy's Avatar
    I don't know of such an app but my phone is always on vibrate and the AW does a good job of letting me know when I have a call or other notification.
    robertk328 likes this.
    03-24-2016 05:43 AM

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