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    Hey all,
    I just got an Apple Watch today. So far so good, I think --- but I have noticed that I haven't received a single notification from Google Hangouts. I've checked notification settings on the phone and in the watch app and they're fine. Notifications are toggled on and also on for notification center. The only thing that is toggled off is sound, which shouldn't make a difference. The watch app is set to mirror the phone settings.

    Anyone have any idea why I'm not getting the notifications? I rely on GH quite a bit so need to get them. It works fine on my Pebble Time with the same settings.

    UPDATE: I turned notifications off and back on on my iPhone for GH and now I'm getting some but not all my GH notifications and non of them vibrate on the watch.
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    02-04-2016 05:06 PM
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    Have you tried the custom set up instead of the mirror iPhone
    02-04-2016 10:59 PM

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