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    I use the silent haptic alarm to wake me every morning but also continue to use a back up alarm clock. Sometimes, I wake to the back up alarm clock and when I look at my watch, the alarm is on the screen (with the options to snooze or dismiss), but there are no haptic touches. Have a ticket at the apple support that might lead to a new replacement device but I am not sure... feels like a bug!

    Please... any one else experienced this?

    Any fixes out there?

    Best regards,

    01-29-2016 03:33 PM
  2. eyecrispy's Avatar
    02-04-2016 10:03 PM
  3. iPGnr1's Avatar
    Well... I havent got any solution yet but it might be that the watch will be replaced. But I have read a thread where they didnt solve the problem. But in my world it must be software related. What is strange is that not many people seem to have the problem! :/ Do you have the same issue?
    02-05-2016 07:49 AM

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