1. Gooner26's Avatar
    So I had a Apple Watch for Christmas and I'm loving it. However, one thing I want to do if possible is to track my workouts in better detail.

    When I go into the workout app on my watch, I'm shown a list of pre set workouts. None of these cover what I'm doing, and I don't really want to just press 'OTHER'.

    I play indoor football (Soccer) and badminton. I would also like to add things like push ups and sit ups etc but this isn't crucial.

    So my question is, can I add to the pre set list with my selected workouts? or is there any apps that allow me to do this that integrate well with the watch and daily goals etc.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one so looking for tips or your method of tracking your workouts.
    01-06-2016 02:50 AM
  2. RogMoore's Avatar
    Monitor the workouts and see the workouts of other.
    01-06-2016 09:50 AM
  3. NinerJet9's Avatar
    I use Wahoo fitness and paid their TickrX HR strap to my phone and it can be independently paired to the watch. The TickrX can count push ups, sit ups and other activities. Plus it will sync w the health kit.
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    01-06-2016 10:00 PM
  4. anon(631408)'s Avatar
    Does any third party app work the activity rings on the AW? I really like the quick glance to check my goals but I tried a couple of the third party apps and they don't have any impact on the rings. They worked with Apple Health. I tried Map My Fitness, Runtastic and Under Armour.
    01-07-2016 08:56 AM
  5. runner7395's Avatar
    I still wear my Fitbit & my AW for this reason, plus I like being able to track my sleep. The only reason I wear my AW now is for the notifications and being able to reply on it.
    01-07-2016 12:06 PM
  6. Gooner26's Avatar
    It seems clear then that this a shortfall on the apple watch. I do hope they make this possible in new updates.
    01-08-2016 07:31 AM

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