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    Check out this awesome BB8 fully custom Apple Watch face... this ain't just no wallpaper!

    This is an App called WatchGIF available in the App Store (full disclosure, I made the app ). You can use this app as an alternative to the built in Watch faces. In your watch settings you set 'Show last app'. You open the App and then from that point on every time you raise your wrist you see the current time on your custom watch face.

    There are a growing number of custom watch faces available all of which are and will be completely free after the initial purchase of WatchGIF.

    It's possible to create your own custom watch faces by creating PNG animations. I'll write a post on how to do it but in summary 4 animations are used, one for the background, one for the hours, one for the minutes and one for the seconds. Based on the current time when your wrist is raised the appropriate frames are selected, animated and overlaid to create a fully working custom watch face.

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    12-16-2015 07:19 AM
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    Kinda cool!
    12-16-2015 12:07 PM
  3. Gooner26's Avatar
    Nice job. I APProve
    12-16-2015 02:43 PM
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    Welcome and thanks for bringing your app to IMore, looks to be very interesting. Please take a moment and read App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums . Thank you.
    12-16-2015 03:12 PM

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