1. RobtRoma's Avatar
    I haven't gone swimming or showered with my watch but it did get soaked for a couple of hours at an outdoor concert. I had no problems with that. One of my original fears with the watch was rain and what would happen if I got caught in a major storm. That is no longer a concern for me.
    11-09-2015 01:04 PM
  2. cornettbr's Avatar
    Every day I shower with it... No issues here.
    11-09-2015 01:52 PM
  3. bbhybridchris's Avatar
    Showered with mine daily since I've purchased it as well as taken baths with it on. No issues with mine!

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    11-18-2015 07:02 PM
  4. Dave Marsh's Avatar
    Now for a contrary opinion. I've had my watch for just over six months now. Every morning after my workout, I've briefly rinsed it under the faucet to remove the sweat, then dried it off with a towel. Everything was fine until last weekend, when I noticed no chirp when I placed it on the charger after drying it off. No sounds were making it out of the speaker holes for up to six hours later. If I held the watch up to my ear, I could hear a very faint sound, but it was certainly not useful.

    After several days of this behavior, I took it into the Apple Store for a checkup. They ran diagnostics on the watch and determined that electronically it was fine. Since they cannot swap out watches in the store, they directed me to call in to AppleCare, which I did.

    Even though the watch is rated at IPX7 (30 minutes at 1meter underwater) at time of sale, the seal is expected to degrade over time. So, Apple explicitly says to not regularly run water over the watch, as I had been doing to rinse off the sweat daily. They initiated a replacement for me under my AppleCare+ warranty, and billed my credit card $79.

    Apple says to use a damp cloth to wipe the sweat off the watch, then dry it with a lint free cloth.

    So, don't be too cavalier getting your watch wet. YMMV.
    11-24-2015 07:00 PM
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