1. chambers7867's Avatar
    can anyone else with iOS 9 beta 5 with an apple watch os 1.0.1 chime in and let me know if i'm alone in my problem or not. Every time i send a text though my apple watch using my iPhone 6 running IOS 9 beta 5 I get an error saying message not sent, when in fact the message was sent. reverted back to 8.4 and everything was fine with zero errors. went back to IOS 9 beta 5, setup the phone as new device, same error. Just trying to see if anyone else is having this issue...
    08-25-2015 05:10 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I wish I could help you out but I can't. I upgraded to WatchOS 2 beta when I had iOS 9 dev beta 4 installed, I think. Still, I didn't come across that problem at that time. I'm currently running iOS 9 dev beta 5 and WatchOS 2 beta 5 and all is well. Anyway, if you have the time, unpair the watch and then pair it again to see if the problem persists.
    08-25-2015 06:23 PM

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