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    My Apple Watch arrived and it's BEAUTIFUL! I feel so hi-tech having it on my wrist! I will admit that I'm a little overwhelmed though... it feels like there's a steep learning curve and I only physically know one other person who has one (and she's 3 hrs away) so it's hard to "learn" together. I looked at a few of the "how-to guides" on iMore and they are helpful, but I just haven't had a lot of time to review them all. I know I have lots to learn but one of the things that confuses me is regarding sounds and notifications. It keeps making alert sounds on some alerts even though I have it set to "mirror iPhone." So for now I just clicked the "mute sounds - on" button to avoid them completely if I'm in a meeting. It's pain though having to toggle back and forth all the time.

    Overall though I'm happy I got it and I can't wait for OS2!

    Happy Monday!
    08-24-2015 04:34 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    First of all, congratulations on getting your Watch. As for the notifications, go through each and every notifications setting via the Watch app on your iPhone and set them according to your likes and needs. For example: I have 4 email accounts configured on my iPhone, but I've set my Watch to only alert me for 2 of the accounts. Also, furthermore, you can decrease the alert sounds or put the watch in silent mode via the Watch app. Anyway, in a couple of days, you will have mastered your new toy. Enjoy it...
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    08-24-2015 04:40 PM
  3. tcuprof's Avatar
    Fortunately, I had lots of free time back in June when I got my watch so I basically sat in my home office and watched every You Tube video I could find. Obviously this isn't possible for everyone, but it sure worked great for me.
    08-24-2015 04:59 PM
  4. Spencerdl's Avatar
    ConGrat on your new AppleWatch....ENJOY
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    08-24-2015 05:03 PM
  5. iEd's Avatar
    Congrats and have fun.

    I found referring to and reading the guide very helpful in the beginning and going through everything on the watch app categories.


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    08-24-2015 05:30 PM
  6. taz323's Avatar
    Congrats, enjoy.
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    08-24-2015 06:13 PM
  7. Dave Marsh's Avatar
    It's best to start slowly. Go through the Watch app on your iPhone and make sure you've turned off every app for your watch that isn't absolutely necessary. The Watch is designed to alert you to the things that are most important to you, that you want to be notified about immediately. Think of it this way. Things that pop up on your Watch should only be things that are important to you RIGHT NOW, and a quick glance will be enough for you to decide whether to stop what you're doing and give it your attention. While you'll want to mirror some simple functions with your iPhone, like Mute or Do Not Disturb to turn on when you're in a movie theatre, for example, you shouldn't allow the iPhone to pass all your regular notifications to the Watch. It will just overwhelm you with junk. I've set my Watch to only get my VIP email, all other email can wait until I have time to fiddle with my iPhone. I've also selected a couple of News apps to also pass on headlines to my Watch, so I'll know if anything Earth shattering is happening. Remember, when your Watch is on your arm and logged in, and your iPhone is locked, it will be silent. I've also selected a couple of weather apps, travel apps, financial apps, and the like, so I can quickly check on stuff of interest and not have to take my iPhone out of my bag, or pocket. This is all very personal, and customizable for your particular interests. Take advantage of that functionality and you'll find it's a great tool.
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    08-25-2015 02:35 AM
  8. nmburns's Avatar
    Thanks everybody! I think part of my problem is that my schedule has been crazy-busy (okay, crazier-busier) than normal and I haven't had the time to sit down and just play with it. Once I have a little bit of downtime and can watch some YouTube videos and walk through all of the iMore how-tos, I'm sure I'll feel a lot more comfortable. I'm excited that I bought one and can't wait to learn more!

    Oh and my husband is already thrilled because normally I always miss his calls - I turn my phone on silent (and no vibrate) when I'm at work during the day (we can have our phones, but it just vibrates so loudly on my desk LOL) and I always forget to turn the ringer/vibrate back on after I leave. With the Apple Watch, I'm finally answering his calls because I see/feel the notification on my wrist! Score!!!
    08-25-2015 09:11 AM
  9. Gtech21's Avatar
    Congrats and have fun.

    I found referring to and reading the guide very helpful in the beginning and going through everything on the watch app categories.


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    You can also download this Apple Watch guide and save in iBooks.

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    08-25-2015 09:22 AM
  10. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Congrats! I'm still trying to learn stuff on mine after 2 months. LOL
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    08-25-2015 10:05 AM
  11. kataran's Avatar

    The alert settings take a while to get them the way you like but it will come to you
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    08-25-2015 05:27 PM

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