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    After having my Apple Watch for three days it's definitely a keeper.
    Honestly the feature that I'm enjoying the most right now are the basic watch functions. The first day in I realized how much I missed wearing a watch.
    As I mentioned in another thread one of my main concerns was how it would feel when I play my Bass Guitar because that's what I do for a living.
    Although I wore watches years ago I would always take them off when I played. It would just get in the way for me. I guess because of the weight of the Apple Watch this isn't a problem.

    I find the message notifications a plus especially when a lengthy reply is not required. I'm using reminders more because of how they function on the watch. Also having my upcoming events on the watch face is very useful.
    I like how the watch face is blacked out until you raise it. It's a very attractive look in my opinion.

    So all in all I'm enjoying it very much. It just a fun and enjoyable piece of tech. It's not needed but it can be nice and fun to have and use.

    One example of its usefulness for me is when I was playing a church gig yesterday I had my iPad 2 on a music stand with digital sheet music I needed to read. The battery on the iPad was in the low 20% range so I had my 6 Plus with the same sheet music on the stand in case my iPad died during the performance.
    With the watch I was able to get a text for another job and respond by using a canned response on the watch without touching my phone.
    Some folks want a immediate response for to a call for a gig or they'll call someone else.
    This isn't a void the watch fills it's just using the tech that's out there to my advantage and enjoying it.
    Still a bunch of features I have yet to try but looking forward to really digging in today.

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    08-10-2015 10:05 AM
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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    08-10-2015 10:11 AM

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