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    i now have two non OEM bands here are the reviews, both bought in the UK.

    Leather loop 38mm in black, 29 from eBay. Seller details here Luxury Leather Loop Strap Band For Apple Watch 38/42mm With Magnetic Closure | eBay
    It came in a brown cardboard box, which seems to be common packaging through the other threads.

    Initially it had a strong chemical smell, washing it with hand soap and water reduced this. It fits the watch securely but there is a small gap either side (see photos). The magnet is strong, I haven't managed to accidentally undo it. I've been wearing it for a week and I think the band may be softening. I have really sensitive skin and I have had no reaction to it (I react to my genuine sports band).

    Non OEM band reviews UK-image.jpg
    Non OEM band reviews UK-image.jpg

    Milanese loop 49 from Welcome to Protect Your iPhone - Protect Your IPhone. Also from eBay (now 34.99)

    The adapters fit the watch perfectly, the loop it's self seems as fine as the real thing. The first one I was sent didn't quite line up when folded over (I was being very fussy). This was quickly rectified by the seller and the second one is much better. The magnets are strong and I have no worries about it coming undone.
    It's a little stiffer than the real thing and on the fixed side it doesn't flex for the first 2mm, these are minor issues and only noted when doing a direct comparison. Time will tell how it wears, I will update after a week or two. At the moment I think it is worthwhile for 49, fantastic if you can get one for 35!
    Update- having worn it for a day it's great. Doesn't come loose even when doing lots of manual tasks. It's really light weight. I would highly recommend.
    Non OEM band reviews UK-image.jpg
    Non OEM band reviews UK-image.jpg

    I can highly recommend the seller above for the Milanese loop, excellent customer service.

    However I would avoid this seller Milanese Stainless Steel Strong Magnet Lock Watch band Strap For iWatch 38/42mm | eBay
    They never sent the item, refunded quickly but didn't cancel the order, it's now unpaid on eBay!
    Attached Thumbnails Non OEM band reviews UK-image.jpg  
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