1. lackster2's Avatar
    Over on Gizmodo they present an interesting study comparing the optical properties of the two watch crystal materials available on the various Apple Watch models. It probably doesn't mean too much in normal use, but if you're interested, here's the link:

    Is a Sapphire Glass Apple Watch Even Worth It?
    06-29-2015 09:12 PM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this link.
    06-29-2015 09:16 PM
  3. lackster2's Avatar
    BTW, before anyone starts to develop self doubts about the current model you have, and it's relative performance, keep in mind this test involved brand new watches. It would be interesting for me (as a Sport Watch w/ Ion Glass owner) to know what the contrast and reflectance values will be on a two year old model, with the inevitable minute scratches vs. the Sapphire crown on the Apple Watch.

    Just something to remember.
    06-29-2015 09:38 PM

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