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    I have observed that I can't use the watch fully when it's out of BT range from my phone even though I am on WiFi. I have read that the watch doesn't support 5.4G on WiFi. Changed my WiFi to 2.7G on Phone and now I can make calls on WiFi (bluetooth completely turned off) without any trouble or lag!

    How to do it:
    - turn off watch or put watch in airplane mode - I turned off
    - forget your 5.4 wifi connection on phone
    - connect to 2.7 wifi on phone
    - restart watch, or take out of airplane mode
    - turn off bluetooth on phone
    - make a phone call or iMessage from watch
    For me - total SUCCESS!

    Food for thought: I have recorded my watch and phone battery remaining and the time. I have been getting 8-10 % drain per hour instead of 4% per hour or better that I was getting before upgrade. I am hoping this helps battery life on phone and watch. Will report in other thread where this discussion on 2.0 - 1.0.1 downgrade discusses this.

    Bonus tip: I have seen an article online about this and it supposes that after you get watch on correct WiFi you can then change your phone back to 5.4. I haven't tested this yet. You'd have to do this again if the watch resync'ed the wifi settings with the phone. It does this when you go into airplane mode (supposedly). Who knows when else the watch re-syncs wifi with phone. I don't want to bother with it so I'm staying on 2.7 for now.
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    06-12-2015 11:54 AM
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    06-12-2015 12:00 PM

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