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    I enjoy reading old articles on rumored Apple devices.

    Who Cares About the iWatch? iPhone.AppStorm

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    05-10-2015 08:18 AM
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    Thanks for sharing this article.
    05-10-2015 08:21 AM
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    I would really like to see the author write a follow-up piece and address the statement below.

    "But Apple is famous for taking expectations and shattering them, so maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this iWatch could be an amazing tool that fills a void in my life. But today, the way we’re hearing about it right now, I just don’t see how it fits in."

    I made it crystal clear that I was not interested in the Watch, and I didn't have ANY intentions whatsoever in buying one, and I meant it! Well, I've since acquired one and I'm glad I did. It took me all of two hours to realize how wrong I was to assume that the Watch would not be practical to *me*. The notification aspect alone is worth getting one, not to mention to fitness aspect. The dictation is so accurate that recently it recorded words spoken from a radio commercial via my car's speakers at a low volume while I was trying to figure out the manner in which to reply to an iMessage. I've had the Watch for 6 days, and I can tell you from here on out that where I go, it goes....
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    05-10-2015 09:55 AM

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