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    What weird behavior has resulted from using your watch:
    - reorganize layout or number of installed apps to keep symmetrical layout
    - try crown on left
    - use zoom or voice over just 'cause
    - use phone differently (less) to test boundaries of battery life with a paired watch
    - use your nose as input device
    - sending animated emoji to non watch owners

    More normal:
    - add/remove glances, apps to guide when you use phone vs watch
    - tweak notifications to more, less
    - tame mac handoff call and message alerts since getting watch - so much alerting and ringing!
    - bought from vending machine not because you wanted the junk but just because you could
    - try to choose the correct 12 friends between work and personal

    Random questions:
    Has anyone else used the watch so much in first few days, it caused small muscle aches?
    - Did you finally get into a more reasonable usage pattern? Or did you build up a tolerance? Or still in pain!

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    I'll let you know in a few weeks...
    04-28-2015 09:08 AM

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