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    Hey watch those pension age remarks I'm pension age and although I no longer do first adoption I am often getting my looks of surprise from those dawg gum youngsters.

    Have 5s so bought Applewatch to get benefit of apple pay. Now couldn't do without my watch for many reasons. Biggest complaints about Apple pay have nothing to do with Applepay itself. It's GREAT! The obvious main complaint, not enough places have readers or accept Applepay. So far I have used it at BJ's, Macy's, and Mickey D's. CVS will lose me soon if they don't get on board soon. Really wish Stop and Shop would get on the program since that is such a almost daily stop and the best place not to have to reach for wallet.

    Second complaint is about store employee training. The often answer to question about taking Applepay, I don't know. The amazed look when you know and use it. To my way of thinking if YOUR CASHIERS don't know what payment YOUR business takes, you are on the road to oblivion since I can only imagine what else your employees don't know. A cashier should know how to get YOU paid store owner! But then again boss doesn't know either, just a society of dumb terminals now?

    George in NY
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    09-02-2015 08:37 AM
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