1. Devinfowlkes15's Avatar
    Hey my apple watch is coming today between 12:45-4:45 and I have work at 5 into 2am. I would love to take my watch to work and play on it .

    Did anyone watch come charged fully or atleast a little ?
    04-24-2015 09:10 AM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    From what I've read, it will have some charge. And the watch charges fast, too. . . . By the way, congrats.

    I bet leaving for work tonight is going to be difficult.
    04-24-2015 09:19 AM
  3. kataran's Avatar
    All Apple devices come with a variant amount of charge so you should been able to set up your  watch when you get to work
    04-24-2015 09:19 AM

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