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    I think the Watch is a small glance at the future. I'm sitting on my delayed train waiting to leave for home. I can just imagine walking to the train station and getting a tap on the wrist. I raise my arm and the screen shows me the notification that the train is delayed. It suggests an alternate train and the platform it will be leaving on. I get to the train station and walking past a pay platform charges my account for the trip. I enjoy my train ride. Get to the station and as I approach my car the watch's proximity checks my authentication and my car doors open. I get in and hold the wheel while the engine roars to life. Forget about push to start. The same thing happens when I get home. The front door opens as I walk up to it. The only thing that will get in the way are the co-operation of companies. I know a lot of this already exists. The other things like the train schedule and platform locations maybe exist in other countries. Where it doesn't exist though the transit authority have to want to push the information to us instead of having us go to get it.
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    04-13-2015 04:31 PM
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    This is certainly what is so exciting about all of these tech toys coming out...convenience factors across the spectrum is what always intrigues me about the products, even if the products are not appealing to me in any way (IE: Apple Watch).
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    04-13-2015 04:33 PM
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    Yeah I'm excited for a lot of things I see. The convenience, efficiency and security it could bring. The opportunity is there to make things so much better. Even the whole HealthKit thing had me excited. I'm not a doctor or anything but for me to be able to participate and help others in whatever little way I can without inconvenience is pretty cool.
    04-13-2015 05:53 PM

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