1. isaac watkins3's Avatar
    I wanted to get everyoneís opinion on a particular topic regarding the Apple Watch that I personally think has gone untouched.

    Assuming there will be future Apple Watch iterations, do you think Apple will continue to use the proprietary Watch Band changing mechanism?

    Also, is it worthwhile for consumers to invest in multiple Apple Watch bands now with the possibility of Apple abandoning the currently used proprietary Watch Band changing mechanism in future Apple Watch iterations?

    My response to the first question is simple, I donít think stainless steel, leather, sapphire, cubic zircon, glass, aluminum and gold are materials that are bound by the constraints of losing interest over the ongoing years. In other words, anything that the Apple Watch is made out of (especially the precious metals) cannot be outdated over the years save for the electrical components that actually power the Apple Watches; so in my mind, assuming that Apple chooses to keep this proprietary Watch Band changing mechanism for future Apple Watch iterations, the ONLY thing consumers will need to upgrade will be the Apple Watches themselves! I like to think that Apple knows this.

    As far as the last question is concerned, I personally donít think Apple will alienate Itís users with different Watch Band incompatibilities within different Apple Watch generations. Just like how traditional Watches are able to swap out Bands with different Watches (provided the size is the same), I expect this same trend to continue with Apple Watches regardless of the Apple Watch generation.

    Let me know your thoughts on all of this, community sound off!
    03-27-2015 07:34 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Well they DID change charging cord style/technology. That being said I think they will stick with their proprietary bands for a while and keep them the same. And in this way THEY get to be the ones selling you additional bands. They might also eventually license the ability to sell bands to others also such as a company like Giffin for example, or perhaps high end watch band manufacturers.
    03-27-2015 09:00 PM
  3. isaac watkins3's Avatar
    I think Apple will absolutely license the band technology so other companies can sell watch bands.

    Apple only needs to sell you the Apple Watch, which will keep you invested in their technologies.
    03-27-2015 10:53 PM

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