1. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    Good question. There are three good reasons, in my opinion:

    1. OP says that he/she doesn't want to
    2. It's a very minor scratch, and the deductible for repair is $69
    3. You are only allowed two damage repair incidents under AppleCare+ in the two years that it covers. I'd suggest that holding on to those two incidents in case of a broken or badly scratched crystal, or more critical damage, is a better idea. As @Tartarus suggested, OP can just wait until AppleCare+ is almost over to have that scratch plus any others that have accumulated fixed at that time for $69.
    03-13-2018 12:43 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    My Apple Watch got scuffed on the case is this fixable I got apple care plus but is there anything I can do ?

    I don’t want to use Apple care plus if not needed and I accidentally drop my watch on my glass tv stand .
    Oh not not this again.
    03-13-2018 02:28 PM
  3. BobR1908's Avatar
    Also, important to call out the watch in question is the aluminum version which is more susceptible to scratches and even worse dents if knocked hard enough. My personal opinion is to NOT use, wait I mean WASTE one of two Applecare+ replacements on this tiny mark. You'll regret it because chances are your next scratch, which at the end of the day is character on a watch, will be bigger than that. Why waste one of your two replacements cases on this when a bigger accident may occur down the road where you legitimately need to use one due to a malfunctioning or not functioning at all watch. Think it through.
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    03-14-2018 03:15 AM
  4. msm0511's Avatar
    Apple Care won't even cover that.
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    03-14-2018 05:34 PM
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