1. flyinion's Avatar
    I've been using a FitBit for the last couple years but thinking of moving to a watch now especially with the new cardiac monitoring Apple is working on. I really wanted to do the stainless because of the nicer feel (and matches my X) but that's over $600 and I could care less about the LTE feature (likely will never activate it). The extra storage in the LTE model is nice of course but I don't know that I would use that either. It seems like the standard $350ish 42mm aluminum would be the logical choice but I'm still stuck on the stainless/sapphire combo.

    The iMore article pointing to the cheaper option as being the "best watch you can buy right now" didn't really help much lol. Anyone have any opinions or insight that might help me choose? I likely will NOT use a screen protector or case on it other than maybe an occasional case for looks or if I'm able to eventually start hiking again. Day to day I work in an office setting though so it's unlikely to get abused/scratched up/etc. My FitBit only has some scratches and a couple small gouges/dings on the plastic screen because I left it on in a couple situations where I should have probably removed it (like working underneath my Jeep on mechanical stuff in tight spaces).
    02-13-2018 05:20 PM
  2. donnation's Avatar
    I can tell you that it is. The aluminum screen definitely scratches easier. They aren't scratches that can be seen when the phone is on, but they are there when its off. I've had all 3 versions of the Stainless steel and I can tell you that despite wearing them every day the screen didn't have a single scratch on them.

    The stainless steel also looks classier in my opinion and more like a nice watch than a fitness band. Wearing it with a black leather band or the link bracelet looks really good. You can also polish the stainless steel band and make it look brand new with some simple stainless steel polish. I also think the aluminum looks a little cheaper and not as nice.
    02-13-2018 05:38 PM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    Yes. As donnation said. I completely agree as I had both. The sport model screen scratches very easily. The Glass use on SS is different and have never scratched it. This to me is one big thing that is rarely mentioned between the 2 models.
    02-13-2018 05:48 PM
  4. flyinion's Avatar
    Thanks guys yeah that was a big concern since I don't really want to use a screen protector on a watch. I wasn't sure how resistant the ionX glass was. I ran my iPhone 7+ screen protectorless for a couple months before upgrading to the X and didn't have any issues really other than 1-2 small microscratches in the oleo coating but I don't know how the screen on the aluminum watch compares to the iPhone glass.
    02-13-2018 05:56 PM
  5. robertk328's Avatar
    Scratched screens and scratched coatings... if the $200 isn't going to be a big problem, personally I would go up. If you need to wait a bit to save a bit more, it's worth it to me.
    02-13-2018 06:10 PM
  6. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    It all depends on who you ask. I’ve only ever had the aluminum and use a screen protector. My watch gets beat up at work and handles it very well. Though I do need to replace my screen protector now. It’s starting to peel off.
    02-13-2018 06:21 PM
  7. flyinion's Avatar
    Yeah I don't want to use a screen protector though. I'll just save up the extra $200. I was just trying to be cheap. Once my vehicle is paid off next month I have some big plans for the extra money like upgrading 15 year old surround sound speakers and of course eventually getting the watch. I was realizing the stainless watch is nearly the cost of the massive subwoofer I'm going to be getting so it got me into the mindset of "why am I paying $600+ for this little tiny square" lol. So I'll just have to wait an extra month (if that) to snag a stainless watch then. I did get to play with both in a Best Buy the other day. Normally they only have the aluminum models on display but the Apple rep in the Apple section pulled out a black stainless one so I could see the difference in feel and weight. The sapphire and stainless definitely feel better for sure. Just wasn't sure if it was $200+ better.
    02-13-2018 06:27 PM
  8. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    I purchased the regular Apple Watch and exchanged it a couple days later for the SS and have never looked back.

    Well worth the extra $$ just for the build quality alone. I believe it was $220. extra
    robertk328 likes this.
    02-14-2018 08:31 AM
  9. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    I had the very first sport aluminum and I just bought the series 3 sport aluminum. I wore the first one naked since launch and it got beat around quite a bit but never scratched, screen or body. I bought the Spigen Tough Armor case for the s3, for no reason other than to add a little bulk to the watch.

    Is the $200 worth it? To me, no, based on my own experiences with the sport aluminum.

    Was the extra $70 for LTE worth it? To me, again, no, but I bought it anyway as I'll probably activate it in the coming weeks.
    02-14-2018 09:16 AM
  10. firedept10's Avatar
    I agree. Well worth the extra money.
    02-14-2018 11:39 AM
  11. Quis89's Avatar
    Eh...I don't think so for ME personally. I've had the sport model for a year and a half if not longer. I don't have an issue with scratches. No screen protector or anything.
    02-14-2018 12:01 PM
  12. John Yester's Avatar
    Love my SBSS Series 3. Will never get anything lower then SS
    02-14-2018 01:10 PM
  13. msm0511's Avatar
    I never encountered any problems with the 2 aluminum models I had, but the extra $ was definitely worth it to me. I'll admit it's purely for aesthetics that drove me to the Space Black SS. Just know that the stainless models are a good bit heavier than the aluminum. That took me a while to get used to. The back is also slightly thicker than on the aluminum models.

    I would suggest going to an Apple Store or Best Buy and trying them both on to get a feel of them both.
    02-15-2018 08:23 AM
  14. phreddyl's Avatar
    I have the aluminum LTE version and love it. Had the original model too without issue. Isn’t the SS heavier?
    02-15-2018 09:00 AM

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