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    I like the sport loop, but I will wait for someone to make a copy of it, and sell it on Amazon. I would spend $20 for one, but not $50.
    I'm curious as to how well the inevitable knock-offs will wear. Apple uses real Velcro®. Knock-off hook and loop is notoriously bad at enduring. And as I said before, the Apple Sport Loop feels very nice. I'd say it's the second best band Apple sells, right behind the Milanese Loop, for fit, comport, and breathing.

    The color is the odd thing about the midnight blue. Because of the Velcro loops, the band almost looks white (depending on lighting) with a dark blue border.
    All Apple's Nylon bands have some extra color in the body of the bad, with the edges carrying the bulk of the stated color. The black Nylon Woven and Sport Loop bands both have color highlights that keep them from being completely black. That adds a bit of fashion glam, which is OK. It helps elevate in to casual-formal from strictly come casual.

    But I'd like to see some actual black bands to go with the Space Gray Watches, when going casual.

    One word about the Sport Loops— because it's a loop band, similar to the Milanese, the end of the band is captive. It never opens up like two-piece Watch bands, so it doesn't fall off your wrist when your putting in on or taking it off. However this means the loop opening is fixed so if you have big hands, it may be difficult to put it on (and obviously...).

    I don't recall if it's available in two different sizes, but you should check that out before you buy.

    (Ok that was a lot of words.)
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    10-19-2017 10:26 AM
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