1. Mac Guy's Avatar
    Does anybody know of a third-party app that will show a running total of various metrics on a month-by-month basis?

    To be clear: I'm hoping to find an iOS app for phone and/or Watch that totals the metrics daily, of daily activity and shows a total for the entire month.

    I'm not going to add 28-31 days of metrics to get a total for the month. Our phones have more than enough computing power and the information is already there or somewhere. Apple already does this when it informs us of our progress to date for Monthly Achievements.

    I don't see this in the Activity or Health app and it will take time and a lot more than just my suggestion for them to make this a function of the Activity app.

    Is there a third-pary app that does this? I'm mainly interested in Distance. Everything else would just be icing on the cake.
    12-31-2017 06:31 AM
  2. doogald's Avatar
    HealthView - for almost everything.


    "Distance" does not seem to distinguish between distance on workouts vs. just how far you traveled with the iPhone/watch on your person, but the rest of the metrics are there. Here is a screenshot of mine for December, for example.

    Running Totals of Exercise Metrics on a Monthly Basis?-fullsizeoutput_3621.jpeg

    Though I don't have this one, if you need just the ring totals, it looks like Activity++ can also do this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/acti...mt=8&at=10l3Vy

    Both $2.99
    12-31-2017 07:26 AM

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