1. tcuprof's Avatar
    I use the Workout app for my runs. After completing my run this past Sunday, I opened the workout in the Activity app and saw this:

    Activity App - What are segments??-segments.jpg

    I've never seen segments before or since. Has anyone else seen them? What ARE they? How did they get there? So many questions!
    02-08-2017 04:54 PM
  2. tcuprof's Avatar
    Nevermind. I obviously need to improve my search skills. After further looking, I found this on Apple's support site:

    Mark segments in your workout

    If you want to mark a segment in your workout, double-tap the screen, then wait for the segment summary to appear on the screen. For example, in an Outdoor Run workout on a track, you could mark each lap or distance. In a 30-minute Indoor Cycle workout, you could split the session into three 10-minute segments.

    To see all your segments after a workout:
    1) Open the Activity app on your iPhone.
    2) Tap the Workouts tab.
    3) Tap the workout, then scroll down.

    So apparently I must have tapped the watch face - probably when I was pushing back a sleeve to see it. Not sure if I'll use it, but it's always nice to discover new features.
    02-08-2017 05:00 PM
  3. Mac Guy's Avatar
    Not sure if I'll use it, but it's always nice to discover new features.
    LOL, if only to satisfy your curiosity if not use them. A plus also is that I can tell someone what they are and look like a power user, even though I just found out this minute what they were! So thanks for that, prof!
    02-09-2017 02:35 AM

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