1. smwinn7's Avatar
    So my wife has been using my original KS Pebble for a few months now and she's got some design complaints and is wanting to switch to the AW.
    She is still getting about a week of battery life from the Pebble how is the AW going to compare, I know it's not going to be a week but will it be 2 days, if so I think that will be ok with her.

    Has anyone been using endomondo with the AW that's here runtracker of choice, I see that there is support for AW but not sure how endomondo working for people.

    Also is there w way to buy the AW with whatever band and case she wants the band case combos seem to be set in the webstore.

    thanks for your help.
    03-16-2016 10:59 AM
  2. eyecrispy's Avatar
    I had both original pebble and Pebble Time and used extensively before I got the AW a few months ago. The battery life on the AW is nowhere near as good as the Pebble. I have to charge mine every night. I'm usually between 30-40% by the time I go to bed and that includes a charge after my morning workout, which drains 10-20% of the battery.

    I've seen a few folks here that can squeeze 2 days out of it, but I can't. Easiest for me to just charge it while I'm sleeping.

    That said, the AW is well made and looks WAAAAY better than the Pebble. But I certainly miss the 1 week battery life. That is the main reason I didn't get the AW at launch.

    I don't use Endomondo for my workouts, but I do have the app on my phone, so if you'd like me to test it for you during my workouts, let me know what info you want to know and I'd be happy to report back to you. I just use the default workout app right now. Once I'm back from injury and running more, I will start using RunKeeper.

    I don't know how the Apple Store works with bands and cases. I bought mine off craigslist for a great price.
    03-16-2016 11:15 AM

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