1. anon(4706822)'s Avatar
    Oddly I turned on my Apple TV and within the last hour the Movies and TV icons have vanished. What gives?!

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    07-15-2013 05:20 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Have you tried restarting the device?
    07-15-2013 05:31 PM
  3. cae758's Avatar
    Same thing has happened to me. Also, I can't go into the iTunes Store either on my Mac. Must be doing something. I tried looking up on Google, but nobody is talking about this yet, so must have just happened.
    07-15-2013 05:34 PM
  4. cae758's Avatar
    The icons on Apple TV have restored and access to iTunes Store returned. I don't account for any differences, so probably just a hiccup and not updates or upgrades.
    07-15-2013 05:59 PM

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