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    Hi everyone, I currently have an iPad 3, iPod touches, iPhone 4s and my iTunes library thru a pc laptop with ITunes match. . We have home wifi via a router, etc. Up to this point we have used the digital av adapter with an hdmi cable to play music in our living room via a stereo receiver that is part of our home entertainment center.

    I am purchasing an iPhone 5. The new iPhone uses the lightning connector so the digital av adapter will no longer be a solution to listen to my music library from my iPhone. Therefore, i am considering an apple tv as a solution for my iphone and as a way to eliminate attaching a cable to the other devices to play music on the receiver. I am considering apple tv because my blu ray player on my main floor is the only one in the house which can't stream netflix, etc.

    So here is my question: if I stream music from my iPhone 5 via apple tv, does it go thru my tv only or is there a way to play the music thru my receiver directly? My receiver does not have built in streaming.

    I have my stereo receiver as part of my home entertainment system connected to my LCD tv. I would think at worst, it could stream thru the receiver via the "cable tv". However, in that case, would the music come thru the tv and lose some sound clarity, etc.

    Please advise. Thanks
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    If everything is connected with HDMI cables and/or you are already routing your TV sound out though the stereo/receiver, then yes, whatever you stream to/through your AppleTV should send the sound through the stereo/receiver.
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    Will I lose any sound quality using the apple tv setup compared to what I did previously-playing music directly thru my receiver by attaching any of the devices with the digital av connector and hdmi cables to the hdmi port in the receiver?

    As follow-up questions, can you watch TV while streaming music?
    Can you stream Sirius Xm from the sirius-xm app on an iPhone?
    Can you watch a tv episode viavthe ABC app from your iPad on your tv via apple tv?

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