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    Maybe this will be a novice question/situation. I have an Apple TV gen 2. I love it. At my home I have a nice broadband connection and all streams fine from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Apple's content such as movies, podcasts, etc.

    But, if I take my Apple TV to my friend's home, so we may watch the same content via their Jurassic DSL connection (no laughing!) I can still stream Hulu Plus & Netflix in HD with no buffering issues.

    this was not true about a year or so ago with Netflix, meaning they've enhanced their streaming tech, thus making it possible to have a pleasant streaming experience even on lowly DSL and 3G connections in HD.

    If I stream Apple content on that DSL connection, forget it. It takes hours for a 45 min TV show to load, even when I set settings to "stream standard definition." Its my understanding the Apple TV 2's memory is quite limited compared to the size of a 2+hr HD movie, thus I assumed it uses streaming.

    My question is why can I stream Hulu Plus and Netflix in HD with no issues on DSL, yet Apple's content wont even load? I would have assumed streaming is streaming... Couldn't Apple use a similar streaming algorithm as Hulu and Netflix?

    (of course, I'd prefer if my friend's mom would just get broadband hahaha, but it is strange to me only the Apple content is suffering).

    Besides telling my friend to come to my house, any suggestions? For now, I just download my paid Apple content to my iPad or MacBook Pro, then airplay over their WiFi to the Apple TV 2. But my preference would be to get Apple content to stream as efficiently as the other Non-Apple services.
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    09-06-2012 02:24 PM

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