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    I started using Handbrake to rip my bluray collection using the default aTV2 Preset and things have been just fine. My workflow was Bluray > MakeMVK > Handrake. If I wanted to retain a full 1080 I would simply use the aTV2 preset and adjust the picture settings accordingly.

    Now here is my questions/concerns. From what I understand m4v does not support DTSHD, therefore I would have to use MakeMKV without copying the audio track. When running the mkv file thru Hanbrake the aTV2 preset by default creates two tracks; one for 2-channel and another for 5.1 (or passthru (which I have no clue what that means, can someone please clarify, in laymen terms)).

    When syncing these files to iphone/ipad, the device will use the 2-channel audio track, however home theatre systems, or compatible media player, will use the surround sound. Correct?

    On to the next question: I just recently upgraded storage so I going forward I would like to retain the DTSHD audio track in an MKV file. If I need to create an iTunes friend m4v file how do I ensure I select the compatible audio tracks? I ran the first MKV including the DTSHD audio track in Handbrake and selected the aTV2 preset however the default audio tracks selected were the HD (incompatible) tracks.

    As I mentioned above, I'm clueless as to the audio settings/options so if anyone can provide an explanation, and not just link to HB faq's, in laymen's terms, I would greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, how can I create a smaller MKV file? I ran a MakeMKV file thru HB, selected .mkv, and the result was in fact a smaller file (24.2gb > 5.35gb) however when I look at the file thru MediaInfo, the HD audio is no longer there. As I'm unclear with the audio settings/functions I simply selected "Add All Audio Tracks" to ensure it was included.

    I'm sorry for the long post, and what I'm sure are repeated questions ,but with all the posts online everything is even more confusing.
    06-07-2012 11:00 AM