1. dramos9696's Avatar
    I would get the iPhone 4s for me and my wife... or maybe an iPad 2... or maybe wait for the iPad 3... win, win, win situation no matter what...
    12-23-2011 09:55 PM
  2. Laelipoo's Avatar
    I would finally give my parents the joy of Internet television.

    Beamed from a galaxy far, far away using Tapatalk!
    12-23-2011 09:56 PM
  3. Dan@'s Avatar
    Help me be a wonderful Husband. I really want to be able to give my wife a new Iphone so she can ditch her Casio Flip Phone (what a terrible phone)
    12-23-2011 09:56 PM
  4. VincenzOH's Avatar
    An Apple TV would look good next to my Apple II+ (?!) Plus, it'd probably work too.
    12-23-2011 09:57 PM
  5. tjaxter's Avatar
    A Steve Jobs iPad 3 Birthday Edition!
    12-23-2011 09:57 PM
  6. HYPERformance's Avatar
    so i can have a tv that will go along with all my apple products and have the best tv on the market and duh THE APPS
    12-23-2011 10:02 PM
  7. Cascade#IM's Avatar
    Apple TVs? Well - need one upstairs. Need one in the Man Cave. Would 3 play well together? I'm willing to find out and report on it! Looking forward to a new one, by the way. All I want is 1080 and Hulu+. Killing the cable companies entirely would be nice, but all in due time.....
    12-23-2011 10:02 PM
  8. Vsundonna's Avatar
    Please....would love to get an ipad2 for my son!!!:o
    12-23-2011 10:06 PM
  9. kervyumagz's Avatar
    hey...i'm in the philippines right now ,can i still join ur contest?
    i would love to have an ipod touch 4g for me...on dec. 27 is my birthday and it would be great to hav an apple device as a gift for myself! thanks
    12-23-2011 10:09 PM
  10. ubuntudroid's Avatar
    What is this weeks item? Oh well I just want to win!
    12-23-2011 10:13 PM
  11. eric_Bean's Avatar
    And week 4!

    Why I would love to win the Holiday Giveaway!.....My wife and I left iphone land and went to a carrier who only had android phones. We did this to save some money each month because we were about to begin the process of adopting our first child from Ethiopia. Now that our carrier has the iphone 4s, money is tight (adoption is expensive) but I would really like to buy her an iPhone. She hates android but has been a trooper and stuck with it because it saved us about $70-$80 a month.

    We are currently in the adoption process and I would love to be able to give her an iPhone for Christmas. Oh....she has forbidden me from buying her one because she would rather us put the money toward bringing Eli home. (That's the name of our kid we are adopting) This is literally the only way she will get an iphone anytime soon.

    It would be amazing to be able to tell her on Tuesday, "Hey you know how I couldnt buy you an iphone.....well the awesome people at TIPB hooked you up!"

    Adoption Update: Home study visit was awesome. Social Worker is a cool gal. Looking forward to walking through the process with her.
    12-23-2011 10:19 PM
  12. CPFB's Avatar
    My daughter would love watching Netflix and Youtube through an Apple TV rather than our iMac.

    Thanks for running this contest!
    12-23-2011 10:19 PM
  13. MacBookBuddy's Avatar
    I would save the $600 for when the iPad 3 comes out. I feel like I am not as connected to TipB without the iPad. I would love to join in on iPad live, make a unboxing video or do a review for TipB. Thanks for this opportunity and good luck to the rest of you!
    12-23-2011 10:20 PM
  14. BlaqkAudio's Avatar
    I was always interested in the Apple TV and thought it would be a cool way to stream movies to my TV. Also, it would be an intermediate step into an entertainment hub (ideally I'd want a Mac mini connected to a TV)
    12-23-2011 10:22 PM
  15. mike_13's Avatar
    Would be awesome to put an Apple TV in every room in the house!
    12-23-2011 10:24 PM
  16. spareshoota's Avatar
    So it's the Friday before Christmas... I'm drunk watching IRT: Deadliest Roads and I don't have any gifts for my wife & family because we're flat broke right now. We both start new jobs in January, but that money isn't earned yet. The new year looks good, 2012, but 2011 sucked. This would (maybe) make 2011 finish pretty well. Otherwise, I'm just gonna keep drinking. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
    12-23-2011 10:24 PM
  17. brianchan's Avatar
    I want a new iPad 2.. My first gen iPad died.
    12-23-2011 10:25 PM
  18. marjofraz's Avatar
    Sure would love the save my win for the iPad 3! Hope I win!
    12-23-2011 10:25 PM
  19. hondakorn's Avatar
    I would love to win so I can ditch my crappy windows laptop.....would be my first MacBook.
    12-23-2011 10:28 PM
  20. mikelamrein's Avatar
    My work had a contest of 15000 employees where they gave away an iPad2. One of my employees won it! I'm extremely jealous and would love to win this contest so I can get one as well. Merry Christmas to the TiPb community
    12-23-2011 10:29 PM
  21. archite's Avatar
    I'd really love to get an iPad. It would just make my christmas!
    12-23-2011 10:29 PM
  22. Glory007's Avatar
    Id love to win an apple tv to change the way i experience television of course the simplicity and uniqueness of every apple product enthralls me and i would love to win an apple tv
    12-23-2011 10:32 PM
  23. speedskate#IM's Avatar
    Need to play Infinity Blade 2 on TV!
    12-23-2011 10:37 PM
  24. izzyardo's Avatar
    I would love to upgrade my husbands iPhone. He's using my hand me down 3GS.
    12-23-2011 10:37 PM
  25. rickchard's Avatar
    I would love to win an iPad!
    12-23-2011 10:37 PM
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