1. danamichelle's Avatar
    I would love to win a iPhone 4S
    12-28-2011 10:11 PM
  2. phreddyl's Avatar
    I would love the iPad 2
    12-28-2011 10:13 PM
  3. VDK's Avatar
    Want to win so I can give my sister a gift.
    12-28-2011 10:15 PM
  4. hondakorn's Avatar
    Who won the contest?
    12-28-2011 10:20 PM
  5. Kentacer's Avatar
    iNeed an Apple TV!
    12-29-2011 05:33 AM
  6. Roose00's Avatar
    its the holidays! Winning an iOS device would make me very Jolly!
    12-29-2011 05:56 AM
  7. mhemmes's Avatar
    Who won the contest?
    Yeah, I wasn't able to hear the cast, and don't see the replay available.
    Tony the Tiger likes this.
    12-29-2011 07:36 AM
  8. StaticFX's Avatar
    If its not to late.. count me in! lol

    i missed this post... and they locked the others after the week.

    Havent heard any winners announced yet either!
    12-29-2011 08:25 AM
  9. hunoosh's Avatar
    I take it I didn't win? Or I would of heard by now. Lol. I've been sick and mia. Who's the lucky winner?
    12-29-2011 12:49 PM
  10. Possession's Avatar
    12-29-2011 01:23 PM
  11. Stides's Avatar
    I am looking for my first iOS device. Maybe an iPhone and a little something towards a Macbook Air. That would be rad!!!
    12-29-2011 08:56 PM
  12. RobinRichard's Avatar
    I like to win a iPhone 4S!
    12-29-2011 09:40 PM
  13. durapower's Avatar
    iphone 4 is really helpful for me, it would really help me regarding my business issues.

    12-30-2011 01:41 AM
  14. @yveslune83's Avatar
    Not a huge fan of the Apple TV, I prefer using my Roku. I would use the gift card for the iPad 3.
    12-30-2011 08:13 AM
  15. mikechaudron's Avatar
    I'm thinking this would make a nice dent in the MacBook Air I'd like to buy my lovely bride.
    12-30-2011 10:17 AM
  16. jmoney's Avatar
    would love to get my kids some new iPod touches.... thx for the great site.
    12-30-2011 03:24 PM
  17. Appletitude's Avatar
    Since I get a second chance, you get a second opportunity to Watch me beg! LOL Please!??!?!!
    12-30-2011 04:16 PM
  18. HawaiiGuy01's Avatar
    Never won anything and what a way to have an IOS item be my first win..
    12-31-2011 04:43 PM
  19. Dan@'s Avatar
    I would really like to be able to give my wife a late Christmas gift in the form of a new Iphone. She needs a new phone badly.

    Help me!!
    12-31-2011 11:51 PM
  20. warmwater's Avatar
    I really want an iphone 4s, but I am not convinced the 5 , with a bigger screen is, is not coming out in 2012
    01-01-2012 04:29 PM
  21. jd78's Avatar
    Would use this for iphone 5 since I will probably not have an upgrade available when it comes out.
    01-02-2012 10:55 PM
  22. Massie's Avatar
    FYI they picked a winner a couple of days ago.
    01-02-2012 11:09 PM
  23. xtremeled's Avatar
    still hoping
    01-08-2012 09:11 PM
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