1. Qfanvnaa's Avatar
    For the past 3 days I have not been able to watch anything from Netflix on my Apple TV. Everything else plays fine, PC, iTunes. Just no Netflix. Just says currently unavailable, try again. I can also stream Netflix fine on my iPhone and PC. Anyone else know if they are having issues???

    07-19-2011 05:22 AM
  2. Nanci's Avatar
    I have not had any problems streaming Netflix on my Apple TV 2 in the last few days. I have not installed the update.

    I got an e-mail from Netflix this morning saying they were sorry about streaming problems in the past few days, here's a 3% refund. I _was_ having problems a week or two ago...
    07-19-2011 07:19 AM
  3. Rodville's Avatar
    I received that email this morning as well. I thought it was because of it not working on iOS 5 beta 3.

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    07-19-2011 07:34 AM