1. patricksmangan's Avatar
    With the next software update for apple tv, you can mirror an ipad on your tv. Laptops too? You think there will bd support for or else a hack for pc's? If so, i'd like to get an apple tv when it gets the software update, cause we have a full desktop hooked up to the tv now with a bluetook keyboard/mouse combo, but i'd like to get rid of it.
    07-03-2011 01:36 AM
  2. patricksmangan's Avatar
    and I mean wireless wifi mirroring with laptops. We all ready have windows pc's, so it would be cool t figure out a way to do that with those. I have an ipad, and plan on getting another or more for the family, so it would be cool if wifi mirroring worked with all of those for when we want to show something to the rest of the family.

    07-03-2011 11:27 PM