1. mackattack00's Avatar
    Any Apple TV 3 rumors or anything going around? Im thinking of getting an Apple TV in a couple days
    05-21-2011 03:40 AM
  2. fubaracing7374's Avatar
    Haven't heard of anything with the apple tv 3 but I love both of my apple tv 2's. Perfect companion to an iPhone or MacBook Pro.

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    05-21-2011 08:29 AM
  3. impaler's Avatar
    I think now's a great time to buy a Apple TV. The new form factor will be a standard for quite a while, I think...quiet, cool and fast...the new standard. No hard drive. It's not going anywhere. I have one in my bedroom and it's awesome...have the 160GB version in the living room...only reason the new one's not in my living room is my older HDTV is a projector-style and doesn't have HDMI.
    05-22-2011 01:39 AM