1. Airwolf's Avatar
    So I have been looking into getting a gen 1 ATV and installing XBMC. If I do go this route, I am definitely going to do the crystal HD decoder upgrade. I was reading the FAQ on XBMC's website and saw this

    Question: Does XBMC on the Apple TV upscale standard-definition and 720p videos to 1080p output?
    Answer: Yes, XBMC on the Apple TV (1st Gen ONLY!) will upscale all videos to 1080p if that is your output resolution. However based on the people's experience it is recommended to set up the Apple TV output resolution to 720p even for the TVs that support 1080p natively.
    So does this mean that the gen 1 ATV will output in 1080p when you are in XBMC? If so, are they saying that even when in the interface (as opposed to watching something), does it run sluggishly at 1080p?

    01-30-2011 04:26 AM
  2. Gee-Air-Mo's Avatar
    I didn't even think that the Gen 1 ATV would be able to support 1080? I would think because of the small processor it might have a problem, but if not...cool!

    Good luck with that!
    01-30-2011 09:04 AM