1. EssexBantam's Avatar
    Found a new bug in iOS today. I have downloaded a TV show episode via iTunes and watched half of it via AirPlay streaming to Apple TV.

    I then wanted to watch the rest on my iPad on my daily commute.

    I selected the "move" option in iTunes with my iPad connected and the application checked with the server and then commenced the transfer. Right at the end it says "cannot move xxx as the episode has already been transferred to another device".

    This is clearly wrong since:

    1. It was streamed from my PC to Apple TV and not transferred

    2. If already transferred it should not show up as being available to "move" within iTunes

    This is quite annoying. It seems that once you AirPlay even a portion of a program, it is deemed to have been transferred with no way to transfer it back - even though it has not gone anywhere!!
    12-06-2010 04:48 PM