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    Picked up an ATV on Thursday at a local Apple store and I love it, but I have found a couple of items which can be improved:

    1. Netflix - It would be nice if ATV showed which episodes have been viewed. I am currently watching a season of Weeds and I often forget which episode I left off on.

    2. All my movies and TV shows converted using Handbrake are under My Library and "Movies". It would be nice to separate movies and TV shows.

    EDIT: It would also be sweet to be able to delete My Library content from the ATV. (I keep trying to swipe to the right with no avail.)

    Other than these, I am really impressed with ATV. Canceled cable TV and not looking back.

    Any other possible improvements out there?
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    10-05-2010 11:13 PM
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    My Movies and My TV Shows show up separately. Did you set the metadata properly in iTunes? You need to select all the TV Shows (you can do it as a group) and then change the type to TV Show.
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    10-06-2010 07:31 AM
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    Sweet, I had a feeling it was a setting. Thanks.
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