1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    I'm getting my parents, my siblings, and a couple of close friends Apple TV for Xmas. I keep so much content on my MacBook and iPad that the idea I can just go over there and easily stream or AirPlay some video right to their TV is... intoxicating.

    Head on over to my mom's and flip on Helvetica. Drive over to my sisters and stream Iron Man 2. Babysit my little god-children and keep them entertained with Teen Titans Go. The possibilities are endless.

    Heck AirPlay for web video will be distraction and family buffer enough alone to more than justify the purchase price.

    I shall never be bored, and they shall never be culturally out of the loop, again.

    Can't wait.
    09-29-2010 01:05 PM
  2. Slyfi's Avatar
    sounds like a good plan! i remember you were talking about it on the podcast but i hadn't considered the full uses till i read this. i know what my parents are getting now.
    09-29-2010 01:46 PM
  3. Kyle Thomas's Avatar
    I'll take one, too! lol

    I don't know if my parents would actually use it though? I'd like to think they would but I just don't know. But can you go wrong for $100? I think Apple nailed it on the head with that price point.
    10-01-2010 02:40 PM
  4. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    My parents don't have to use it. I'll use it when I go there!
    10-01-2010 04:16 PM
  5. Robert Waldroup's Avatar
    I like the enthusiasm! How will apple TV compare to competitors such as Roku? What exactly will be the differences, other than that apple will have better design and usability?
    10-04-2010 02:06 PM
  6. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    I'm in Canada. Many folks might not realize this, but few companies offer products like these internationally, and even when they do, beyond Apple few have the rights to offer any content for them.
    10-06-2010 06:34 AM
  7. jairo1daywrk4apple's Avatar
    Rene whats "helvetica"?
    10-06-2010 02:02 PM
  8. MrSnipeSnipe's Avatar
    Apple TV is selling out in the stores!!! but most iOS devices right
    10-06-2010 02:28 PM