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    I updated my Apple TVs to TvOS to 13.4 yesterday.

    On my fourth gen and 4K units the Homesharing Photos Screensaver is no longer working.

    This has long been buggy in my experience, but TvOS 13 seemed to stabilize it and make it predictable.

    Now, when the screensaver initiates, I just get a white screen (once in a while a black screen).

    I've tried pretty much everything:

    Restarting Apple TV and Mac.
    Turning Home Sharing off and on on both devices.
    Signing out of iCloud.
    Changing the share folder for photos from the Mac and changing it back.
    Resetting the Apple TV and starting from scratch.

    It is very strange because the Home Sharing connection seems to be otherwise working. I can see and access movies, music, videos AND photos. If I got into Photos on the Apple TV and tell it to start a slideshow, it works as you'd expect it to for the screensaver. However, the screensaver will not work.Any ideas?

    Very frustrating as we love using the TV as a photo frame.
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