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    Hi dear apple Community CEO's , Engineers Designers, Programmers, Developers, say at ones Hello to any one related to apple and help this nice great company in any way and apple users around the world
    Hello to all you dear and pleased accept my hello from a kind persian men
    my qudstion:
    I'm a new web dev
    not as pro, just started to design and running my web store and because I live apple's OS UI design I need some framework or any platfrom that apple made it for web dev
    search a lot, can't find any important to use it
    please guide me does apple a lot population around world know it as king internet and computing & mobile tech
    doesn't made any platform for the lovers
    that works on website templates or cms
    if my king has made any for web ( frameqork & platform -- button & icone pack) or any others so help me, I really need it in this time.
    I need someting Associate apple Symbol to my visitors

    love apple and it's lovely products
    thanks again for you're efforts and art

    Regards and Sincerely :
    Ali.a Amiri
    09-07-2016 04:30 AM

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