1. CACohenDVM's Avatar
    Your discussion re AppleCare, Sqyare, big box, etc. insurance coverage for iP devices left out the most important part - experts helping resolve problems. Forget hardware theft and loss. The assistance makes it all worthwhile. At least that's been my experience. What's acailabke genius wise after ones two year Applecare expires? Does one pay as you go or what? Apple would like to see be buy new devices every 24 months, I'm sure. Ain't going to happen. Thanks.
    11-12-2014 02:03 PM
  2. HankAZ's Avatar
    You can go to an Apple Store Genius Bar at any time - with or without warranty coverage. The will advise for free, evaluate for free and repair for a fee.

    As far as buying a new device every 24 months comment, yeah, you're right. I don't. I get a new one every 12 months and then play hand me down with the wife and kids. Lots of us buy new every year, and most will upgrade at least every 2 years.
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    11-12-2014 02:26 PM

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