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    I have used Apple Pay on my iPhone 6 in Whole Foods many times with much success and great enjoyment. Convenience is one heck of a drug. When I use Apple Pay on the phone I get a notification of the most recent transaction that shows the vendor and the amount of the transaction.

    I recently used Apple Pay with my watch and while the transaction completed successfully no such notification was discoverable on the phone or the watch.( I understand that the two devices have unique device IDs.) Passbook on the watch shows no record of any transaction. I did not see anything in settings for the watch either.

    Is there anyway to get a transaction summary "from" or "for" the watch? The transaction did go through and did post to my account, but I wonder if there is any indication of the transaction on the watch. I have since changed the notification setting under passbook to custom, but have not used the watch for Apple Pay since that time.
    07-12-2015 03:21 PM
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    07-12-2015 03:34 PM
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    Hi thanks for the reply. I posted the question from another device earlier and couldn't find a sign in option.

    I read that specific article and the portions in the watch manual pdf before posting, and returned to them again after you posted it, but I am still left with the same question. I found a setting in the Apple Watch settings > Passbook & Apple Pay that lets you select "custom" (instead of "mirror iPhone" not sure what either really means) and then it presents an option for "show alerts", but that didn't change anything concerning what happens when payments are completed with the watch.

    At the present (at least with my bank *a credit union) it appears that transactions completed on the watch do not show up anywhere but on my online banking account. When viewing my card in the apple watch preference panel like you can in settings menu on the phone, no transactional detailed is displayed. The only other thing I could conceive of, though I don't think this *as* plausible, is that something may be delayed because the watch was purchased and used on a weekend to complete transactions.
    07-12-2015 07:05 PM
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    I was hoping this had been answered by now because I'm wondering the same. If you pay using your phone you get a notification and transaction history in the iPhone Passbook app. But when you pay with Apple Watch you get nothing. Surely they should by combined and shown in the iPhone Passbook app?
    07-14-2015 12:20 PM
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    Not only do I not get transaction details for apple watch purchases, I've also not had charges shown on my bank account after 2 days ! I'm hoping the latter continues ;-)
    07-16-2015 01:18 PM
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    Look deeper... I invented this 15 years ago

    Jeffrey Ice

    oh! I have a patent!
    09-18-2015 06:11 PM

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