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Apple Music vs Personal Library

Asked: Oct 30 2019 | 5:24 pm EDT 1731 Views 1 Answers

Just started using Apple Music for the first time. I have a large personal music library with almost 3.000 songs. My library instantly got mess-up up with Apple Music since most of my music was in iTunes Plus format. Now My iPhone and Watch show songs I never synced.
In an effort to free space on my MacBook, I want to know if it's possible to "move" (or match) my personal library to Apple Music and delete the files from my mac's hard drive but keeping the ratings, playlists, play count, etc, as they were before I started AM. Is this possible?

Nov 01 2019 | 11:29 am EDT gnirkatto

I don't know if that helps. I don't use Apple Music. I'm not into streaming of music. I'm old fashioned and want to own songs or CDs that I like.
However, I do use iTunes. Some music I buy from them, some I already had as MP3, and some on CDs. I'm importing everything that I have into iTunes (if not already there).
And, I'm using iTunes Match, a service that is not really aggressively advertised for (makes sense as they want to sell many Apple Music subscriptions), but it still exists. This loads everything that is imported into iTunes up to iCloud. Once it is there, you can delete the download from your local computer. You can then either stream your songs/CDs, or download them back again onto your computer. Of course you can do the same on your iPhone or iPad. You can also synch entire playlists to all devices, to either download all songs physically, or to stream them if needed.
One additional benefit is that you get a higher quality music file downloaded, once you "uploaded" it via iTunes Match. This is because Apple does not physically upload each end every user's copy of the same song worldwide, but just flags a song that they already have, to you owning it.
I also keep a copy of all songs that I own on a local NAS drive, but just to be on the safe side, in the unlikely case that Apple would lose data. BUt my Mac usually stays free from all music, and I just download those songs or playlists to my iPhone that I'm in the mood for hearing. When at home, I can stream from iCloud, via my Mac, onto my Sonos speakers (which support air drop).
ITunes Match costs an affordable annual fee - at least it's quite a bit cheaper than an Apple Music subscription. And for me personally it's the perfect solution.
But I understand that for someone who wants Apple Music, it might not be sufficient.