1. Kc2npu's Avatar
    HI Serenity, the Queen Guru of Apple Music,

    In Apple Music (on Mac/via iTunes) is there a way to quickly select multiple songs and add them to a playlist?

    When I was using Spotify, this was a simple as Command Clicking each track from the album I wanted and use dragging them to the playlist. Apple music seems to make me have to click on the ellipse on each separate track for me to add a single track to a playlist and does not allow multiple selections.

    I hope that I am missing something.
    02-11-2017 08:08 AM
  2. Serenity Caldwell's Avatar
    Yes! The easiest way is to highlight the songs you want, then control-click and select Add to Playlist.

    Alternatively, if you turn on the Sidebar (View > Show Sidebar), you can drag those tracks to your chosen playlist.
    02-21-2017 08:58 AM

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