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    until recently I had used my old iPod to play music when I was working.

    Now it's time for my iPhone to take over and a new way to play music.

    When playing music, I used my playlist I create in iTunes - it works best for me that way.
    Now, playing music is a little bit confusing now since I can see everything song I had (those that are on my iPhone and those who aren't) - is it possible to only see those playlist I want to have, or am I cought in the "new" music system?

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    03-29-2016 08:49 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Yes. Simply select the playlist them only the songs from the playlist will be displayed, unless I'm misunderstanding your post. My apologies if I am.
    03-29-2016 09:20 AM
  3. spindledk's Avatar
    This is the second time I made a reply (strange!) on this topic..

    I want all the playlist I choose to be played at once. But I only want to see my songs from my playlists, not all other songs that I have in iTunes.. I can see there is a picture of an iPhone with the songs that are on my phone, and no "phone" at the other songs.. I want to get rid of that!
    03-29-2016 02:22 PM

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