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    For whatever it is worth, I have used Spotify, Rdio, MOG, Google Music, Amazon Prime, and now Apple Music. Several I used at the same time to compare. I listen to what I think is a lot of music (every day, multiple genres, obscure and popular) and I can tell you that every single service I've used has some songs that another one doesn't. Every single one. Some of them have rights to a song and then lose rights to the song. I've had this happen the most on Google Music, actually, where a song or album I had added to my library later shows up as unavailable. I won't pretend that I know all the different reasons why some services can't work out a deal with the labels regarding any particular track or album, but it happens and is very common. In this trial of Apple Music, I've found music available from some artists that wasn't available on Google Music and I've also had stuff that was available on Google Music that wasn't available on Apple Music. It's just the breaks.

    One thing I like about Rdio is they have options to notify you when new music is available from an artist you've added to your library. That way you know when that new album by Beyonce is available, or when that EP that your favorite artist released 10 years ago is available. Even though I don't use Rdio anymore, I still keep my account active so I can get notified when new music is added to the service.

    If Google Music has the music that you want then you have your answer. If the app isn't to your liking on iOS, then you have your answer on that one too (an Android phone). There is never going to be the perfect phone or the perfect app to meet your standards. As a user of both platforms, I'm a tough critic and have just had to accept that both platforms have things I love and both have things I hate. Neither is the perfect platform for me, so you just have to accept that and make your choice.

    The integration is what makes me want to stay with Apple Music. Time will tell if that is enough to keep me on it.
    I been an android user for years and while I prefer it Apple products are fantastic devices and the simplicity is fantastic. I am also a huge music listener and I know Samsung phones* prior to the S6 the DAC in the United States phones is horrible. They use the qualcomm DAC in the snap dragon cpu while they use the Wolfson DAC in the exynos cpu. What convinced me to get an iPhone is the fact of the big 5.5 inch screen, better DAC and superior battery life which is the most important thing imo**.

    * I bought my iPhone 6 plus in earth March before they announced the S6

    ** Yeah idc about the differences between OS's if battery life is terrible. On my note 4 I average around 3-4 hours of usage compared to the iPhone 6 plus which I average around 6-7 hours of medium to heavy of mixed usage.

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