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    Can I listen to Apple Music offline like I can Slacker? I really like the not having to use data or be hooked up to wifi when I listen to music. Also is the price going to be comparable to the 3.99 I currently pay?
    07-06-2015 03:33 PM
  2. Bruins_CCH_4's Avatar
    The $3.99 subscription you pay on Slacker is the Plus version and is not comparable to the Apple Music subscription. With AM you get to move any individual song or album to 'My Music' and download it. Same for playlists. With the Slacker amount you're paying, you can't play specific songs on demand. I believe you can if you upgraded to the Premium subscription of $9.99. Essentially the Slacker Premium subscription is comparable to Apple Music.
    Advantage of Apple Music is that the songs you download are right next to the songs you already own from iTunes. And it's better integration with iOS.

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    07-06-2015 04:07 PM
  3. crankerchick's Avatar
    The $3.99 tier of Slacker just gives you the ability to stream a radio station with unlimited skips and no ads on the station or in the app (or website). It does not allow you to download anything for offline listening and it doesn't allow you to listen to any song on demand, as noted by Bruins_CCb_4. For pure radio stations, slacker is superior (for now) because you can fine tune your station by adding artists, choosing the amount of new music that is played, and how much the station can roam from the seeded artists or songs. Apple has never had that much customization in stations and has actually lost the customization they did offer with radio with Apple Music. For now you can only choose a prebuilt radio station or a station based on a song or artist, but you can't customize from there beyond marking a song as play more like this or less like this.

    Apple music doesn't offer a comparable tier to the 3.99 tier of Slacker. Apple Music is comparable to Spotify, Rdio, and Slacker $9.99 tiers. I personally find Slacker to be the worst choice at the $9.99 price point. I tried the premium tier and quickly went running back to Google Play Music All Access. It is poorly organized and difficult to get to music in your library. Slacker is built around radio, not building a music library. For the unlimited streaming and download service at the $9.99 price point, you are better off with Spotify, Rdio, Google Music, Apple Music, etc. For ad-free radio, at the $4 price point, I think Slacker is the best.

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    07-06-2015 08:31 PM
  4. OTACORB's Avatar
    This information is somewhat incorrect. Slacker $3.99 (Plus) tier does in fact let you download music stations to your mobile devices. It is also commercial free and unlimited skips!

    Apple doesn't have anything comparable to the (Plus) tier, but does compare to Slacker's (Premium) tier.

    My issues with Slacker is they have a very limited playlist of songs compared to Apple.
    07-06-2015 11:47 PM
  5. crankerchick's Avatar
    That's true. I think we thought OP was saying download *any* music, not a station.

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    07-07-2015 09:16 PM

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