1. TRICKorDEVICE's Avatar
    Alright, my family and I are all set up on Apple Music with Family Sharing turned on. The issue is that all of the CD's I ripped or content I purchased from Amazon is not on my wife's iCloud music library. If I were to log out of my Apple ID on iTunes on my PC, and then log in under my wife's Apple ID, theoretically it should match/upload the content to her iCloud music library. Then I could log out and log back into mine. For example we owned all The Beatles on CD, so I had previously ripped them, and then Apple music added them to my cloud. So now I can listen to the Beatles through Apple music. I want my wife to have the same experience.

    Has anyone tried this? I'm not at the comp for awhile, so can anyone confirm this works? Thoughts on this method?
    07-05-2015 10:04 PM
  2. Bigeric23's Avatar
    No, I have not tried this. I try to keep things really simple--even if it costs me more. Hopefully someone else will have some input soon.
    07-07-2015 08:17 AM
  3. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    So I am not sure about today, but I used to have Match and when I logged in from my rMBP it uploaded all of that music, then when I logged in from my Windows PC it uploaded that music as well.

    I no longer have Match because we now stream everything.
    07-07-2015 09:11 AM

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