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    Background: I have match service and signed up for the music free trial.

    Okay, so I have been fiddling around and to me it seems that Match is gone. No options in menus to update or anything like that anymore. So,I went to the iTunes store and signed in and I saw something to the right that said iTunes match. I clicked on it and it asked me to add this computer if I wanted to use it. Well, I added this computer a long time ago and have always used it. Well anyway I clicked to add it and now iTunes just locks up.After a little but of time it unlocks so okay that's that.

    So, I ripped some CD's to check out how things in 12.2 worked. I did this before I messed with adding the computer for match and all that. Well, it worked fine and everything did as it did in the past with match so I was happy.

    Now my questions are:

    1. Is that music I just ripped on "match" or are they part of the new apple music cloud and does it really matter?

    2. How can I see how many songs I have there? I used to launch iTunes and there was a match tab that I could click and see what was in the cloud.

    3. It seems that when I initially launched 12.2, it did not scan my library and upload anything, is this normal? I already had everything in the cloud but I am just curious.

    4. Am I just making no sense?

    5. What is the Heart icon for and what does it do?
    07-01-2015 08:21 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    07-03-2015 08:04 PM

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